Who, How, What, Why?

1 Peter 2v9-25

November 29, 2020 • Bert Alcorn • 1 Peter

Peter sets the identity for all believers, for all time, by applying the finished work of Jesus to us, demonstrating the fulfillment of God’s promise and the completeness of the redeeming work of Jesus, and shaping how we live in light of that reality.

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To The Elders, To Everyone

1 Peter 5v1-14 • February 28, 2021 • Bert Alcorn

**Big Idea:** The enemy is out there, therefore we all need to be on our guard, particularly the elders who watch over the church, don’t get lazy, there is much work to do! **Key Texts:** - 1 Peter 5v1-14 - Hebrews 13v17

The End of All Things

1 Peter 4v7-19 • February 21, 2021 • Bert Alcorn

**Big Idea:** The Gospel has a dramatic effect on how we live with and interact with other believers — the gifts that we have been given allow God’s grace to be shared among other believers so that God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. **Key Texts:** - 1 Peter 4v7-19

Suffering & God's Will

1 Peter 3v17-4v6 • February 14, 2021 • Bert Alcorn

**Big Idea:** Jesus has defeated all of the spiritual powers in the world and though it may not feel like it, there is immense hope in the future because of the complete work that Jesus accomplished. **Key Texts:** - 1 Peter 3v17-4v6 - Romans 8v28