The selfless life

Episode 1264

Angus Buchan • From the television series "Family Time with Angus Buchan"

As followers of Jesus Christ we need to always put others before ourselves. Angus says there is no excuse for selfishness in God’s Kingdom. God knows your heart’s desire and your needs and will bless you if you honor and obey Him.

The Lord was with him

Episode 1300 • Angus Buchan

Whatever you may be going through at the moment, don’t worry about it but rather present it to God and He will see you through. Joseph’s life fell apart when his brothers sold him off into slavery but God was with Joseph and he prospered to the point where he became the most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh. He went on to forgive his brothers and be reunited with his family.

Don't be haughty

Episode 1299 • Angus Buchan

In this message Angus reminds us that Jesus came to save the Jews and when they rejected Him, He invited the gentiles into the Kingdom of God. So whether you are a Jew or a gentile you qualify for salvation through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Don’t ever look down on others or think that Christianity is not for you but only for losers or people who need some kind of crutch to cope in life. Jesus is for everyone.

Your goal in life

Episode 1298 • Angus Buchan

Angus asks the question, "What is your goal in life?" If you are striving after the things of this life like money or power or material possessions, then you are wasting your time and increasing your stress and anxiety because you can’t take anything with you when you die. The only thing that should matter to you is your position in Christ, so spend more time in reading the Word and praying to the Father and He will promote you and you will know peace and blessings and eternal life hereafter.