Episode 1182

Angus Buchan • From the television series "Family Time with Angus Buchan"

So many people have been hurt, cheated, or disappointed and so often by those closest to them and they have not forgiven them. If that applies to you then Angus says for the sake of your own soul, you must forgive them just as Christ has forgiven you, and then you will be able to leave all that hurt, anger, and bitterness behind and live a fulfilled and peaceful life!


Episode 1210 • Angus Buchan

Jesus was betrayed. John 6:66 tells us that many of Jesus’s disciples left him. When someone is disloyal, call out to The Lord and tell Him how you are feeling. Betrayal is painful and Jesus knows how it feels. Until He returns, let us remain faithful to Jesus as He is faithful to us.

You can shake it

Episode 1209 • Angus Buchan

God wants to set you free. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is today's reading. We need to confess our sins to Jesus so He can set you free. There is no temptation that has come upon man that God cannot deliver us from.


Episode 1208 • Angus Buchan

Men were created in the image of God. Even a heathen knows there is a God. Angus gives the example of King Darius believing that Daniel’s God would save him in the lions den. As a creation of God, man in his heart knows there is a God.