Episode 1208

Angus Buchan • From the television series "Family Time with Angus Buchan"

Men were created in the image of God. Even a heathen knows there is a God. Angus gives the example of King Darius believing that Daniel’s God would save him in the lions den. As a creation of God, man in his heart knows there is a God.

Your conscience

Episode 1232 • Angus Buchan

Do you remember when you were first saved how you didn’t want to do anything that would offend God? You were so in love with Jesus and your conscience pricked you if you were about to sin. Unfortunately with some people who have been a Christian for a long time their conscience is a bit seared and they think it’s ok to sin a little every now and then. It’s not, don’t do it.

Salvation for all

Episode 1231 • Angus Buchan

Nobody deserves to go to hell, it is a truly dreadful place because God’s love is not there and it lasts forever. As Christians, we need to speak to people about the love of Jesus and His invitation to salvation. Tell them that without Jesus they are headed for hell. Encourage them to make the right choice.


Episode 1230 • Angus Buchan

A fathers’ role in the family and the home is a responsibility that must not be taken lightly. The father’s Godly role is prophet, priest, and king in the home. When a man rises to what God wants him to be, his wife and his children will grow into a strong family unit that honors God and lives by His principles. Be blessed by this message today!