Good company

Episode 386

Angus Buchan • From the television series "Grassroots with Angus Buchan"

In this episode of Grassroots, Angus talks to us about the importance of keeping good company. Whether we like it or not, we are influenced by our friends. If they are always moaning about the country, or the economy or the weather, or whatever, then instead of being hopeful and saying, “ But God” in any situation and acknowledging that He is in control, you will become negative just like them. So stay away from bad company that corrupts and seek out people who have a heart of for Jesus. Put your trust in Him and be blessed as you listen to this message.

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Faith through Grace

Episode 393 • Angus Buchan

Angus reminds us that we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. God’s Grace is undeserved loving-kindness and unmerited favor. We cannot impress God by our good works and there is nothing we can do to earn salvation. It is God’s free gift to us but it doesn’t stop there. We need to share the Good News of the Love of Jesus. Tell people what God has done for you! Have a blessed day today!

Judge not

Episode 392 • Angus Buchan

John 8:3-11 is todays reading and Angus tells us that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. We have all sinned and have no right to judge others. First, remove the log from your own eye before you try to remove the splinter from your neighbors’ eye. So often those who criticize or judge what others are doing are guilty of far worse behavior. Repent of your sins, say sorry and move on with your own life. Let God be the judge!


Episode 391 • Angus Buchan

Reading from Galatians 5:1-6, Angus reminds us that Christ has made us free! When our focus is on Jesus we have liberty in spite of all worldly cares and events around us. When we are saved we walk in faith. We need not be a slave to the law. Faith in God is going to save you, nothing else. Our faith in Jesus Christ gets us to Heaven. You will never earn your way to Heaven. Our works do not get us to Heaven. We have been saved by grace and when you fall in love with Jesus, you don’t want to sin and offend God. If we love God, our actions must not deny Him. Freedom comes from faith in Jesus!