Every Monday morning!


The only opinion that counts in this day and age is God’s opinion. The Bible needs to be our compass. Be careful that you don’t become familiar with your peers and family. Matthew 7:6 is the reading today. Don’t cast your pearls before swine. We need to be so careful who we share intimate things with - rather take it to The Lord. Speak to The Lord and He will comfort you. Familiarity breeds contempt. Don’t share personal things because people will lose respect for you.

Imitation of Christ

We need to not only have knowledge of the Bible but we need to know The Author of the Book. Angus talks about Thomas Akampas, a shy, humble monk who lived about 500 years ago. He entered a monastery at the age of 20 and lived a quiet life. On his death at the age of 91, this unassuming man had written, “A rich Inheritance”, which inspired countless people. His ambition was to be more like The Master. We need to guard against being puffed up and we need to be more like The Master. Our opinion is not important. We need to get back to The Bible.

Family first

Charity begins at home. We need to get back to basics, loving our wives, respecting our husbands, respecting our elders. Get your house in order before you concentrate on your ministry. If you are walking in disobedience, you cannot expect God’s blessing on your life.


Angus talks today about Christmas and the virgin birth. Unless you believe in the virgin birth, unless you believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah - you cannot be a Christian. Angus reminds us that we are not going to get to Heaven through good works and we cannot earn our way to Heaven. Believers go to Heaven!

Our appearance

God was very specific in instructions regarding what Aaron wore when he ministered and when he entered The Holy of Holies, once a year with fear and trembling. God is Holy. We must always remember this. Do not get familiar with God. The way we look is the way people perceive us. When you get saved your spiritual eyes open and you need to dress as unto The Lord, bringing glory to God.

Stand still

Angus reads Exodus 14:13-14 and explains that even though the people of Israel had been miraculously released from their slavery, they were panicking on the banks of the Red sea because the Egyptian army was bearing down upon them. God told them to stand and He would rescue them. He parted the Red sea for them and then closed it again drowning the Egyptians. No matter what situation you find yourself in, put your faith in God and stand. He will do the rest!

God is in control

When we listen to the news and look at what’s happening in the world it’s easy to become worried and stressed out but Angus reminds us that God is always in control. He is in control of everything including the small details of your life. Mathew 7 tells us that the Lord says He loves us much more than an earthly father ever could. If you really know Jesus, you will never have to fear because He knows what’s best for you!

Compassionate Father

Angus reads from one of his favourite verses found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and tells us that God does not tell lies. He is a compassionate Father who loves us and wants us to follow Him and obey Him and live a Godly life. When that happens then the blessing of the Lord will follow. Have faith in God, obey His Word and live an abundant life!

Careless talk

Angus tells us that we don’t have time to waste. Stop talking about rubbish things and start talking about the good things of the Lord. Careless words can cause confusion and harm so watch what you say and as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, choose to always talk life and not death in every situation.

Spiritual food

Jesus is more concerned about our spiritual nourishment than our physical well being. Reading from Mark 6:34, Angus tells us that people are like sheep and unless there is a leader we are unruly and go in all different directions. We need to follow Jesus and be nourished through the Word and we’ll never go astray. Be blessed through this message!

God's Word

Angus refers to John17:17 and says there is power, integrity and honesty in the Word of God. It is complete and will never change or fade away. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Word and the Word is God. If you want to experience the power of God then start reading His Word and He will reveal Himself to you!

I believe in miracles

Reading from Exodus 19, Angus tells us that if we want God to move in our lives then we need to start by preparing our hearts. God wants you to believe in Him, He wants you to read and believe His Word, to set yourself apart and start to expect a miracle. Start to believe in miracles because they’re real!

The true source

The world is in a mess and it seems that there is no way out. There is massive crime and gang violence, murder, drugs and prostitution. High unemployment and abuse in all its forms and no respect for authority. The problem starts and ends with each and every one of us. The only way to fix the problem is to return to God, who is the only true source of everything that is good!

Faith to believe

Romans 1:17 tells us that the just shall live by faith. Who are the just? The just are those who give their lives to Jesus. Those who have repented, had their sins forgiven, believe by faith and are justified by Him! We are saved by Grace through faith in Him! Be blessed by this message!

The humble

Angus tells us God is not interested in how rich we are or what position we hold in life He wants us to be humble. A humble person always puts others before themselves. A humble person does not think they are more important than the next but treats others with respect and love and honour!