Family Time with Angus

Daily 5 min

Dying to live

In this episode, Angus tells us that as a farmer he knows that a seed must die before it can grow and produce a great crop. We too need to die to ourselves and put God first in all things. This life is so short and will be over before we know it, so don’t delay in asking God into your life and He will give you a fresh start with Him at the helm.

The apple of His eye

Have you ever thought that you are the apple of Jesus’s eye. There is nothing He would not do for you if you repent from your sins and choose to put your trust in Him. Jesus Christ loves you more than you will ever know. How wonderful to love him in return

The family

Angus tells us that crucifixion was the most painful and torturous death you could ever imagine and yet that is what our beloved saviour Jesus Christ endured for our sake. When we choose to believe in Him, we are adopted into His family. He loved us so much before we were even born that He was prepared to die by crucifixion so that we could have our sins forgiven and be reconciled to the Father.

Do not forget

Angus tells us he loves the Word of God. Not just the New Testament but the Old Testament as well. Every word is inspired by God’s Holy Spirit and shall never change or pass away. God always honours His promises.The Old Testament is full of God’s promises which are fulfilled in the New Testament and Jesus Christ is the ultimate fulfilment of the Old Testament.


In this episode of Family Time, Angus tells us that the most renowned men and women of God throughout the ages have had one thing in common and that is faith. What is impossible for man is possible for God. So often we try to do things in our own strength to no avail and it is only when we trust God and believe that He will do it that miracles happen.

Move slowly

In Mark 6:31 Jesus instructed His disciples to come aside from their activities and rest awhile. Jesus was never in a rush but He was always on time. Angus encourages us to do likewise. So many people are caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we often neglect take time out to spend with the Lord or just sit and rest and meditate on His goodness.

Overcoming the world

Angus says he has the answer to overcoming all the pressures and stress that we have to deal with in the world and that is to have faith in God. Start doing what is written in the Bible and His truth shall set you free.

Eternal life

All roads do not lead to heaven and in this episode Angus reads from 1 John 5 and tells us that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. Each one of us has a choice to make and that is either to accept Jesus as the Son of God and invite Him into our life or reject Him. No amount of learning or good works will count for anything when we meet Jesus face to face. He’s only interested in what’s inside your heart and not your head.

The humble man

Humility is the most important attribute of a Christian. There is no place for arrogance in the family of Christ. A humble person has a teachable spirit and will always put the other person first before themselves. That’s the way Jesus Christ was and that’s the way we too should be. Be blessed as you listen to this message!

The Family

In this episode of Family Time Angus tells us that our genealogy is not important once we have given our lives to Jesus. From that moment on we become a part of the family of Christ with fellow believers all over the world.

Act of kindness

Reading from Mathew 25, Angus tells us about how an act of kindness can make all the difference in a persons life. Let people see Jesus in you as you go about your life every day and if there is something you can do for someone, however small, do it. Remember that Jesus is always watching us.

A Working Man

In Mark 6:3 we read that Jesus was a working man, a carpenter. He was a normal, ordinary man like us even though He was God. Then one day in God’s divine timing He began teaching and preaching salvation. We too, as ordinary men and women need to spread the gospel and tell people about Jesus.

Love God

Angus tells us that the Ten Commandments were given to Moses for our benefit and not for God’s. Keeping the Ten Commandments will not save us from our sin because that can only happen through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Salvation is by Grace and not good works but the Ten Commandments give us God’s requirements for a holy life.


Angus tells us that no Christian is exempt from suffering. Bad things happen in life and if your faith is firmly grounded in Jesus then you will get through it and come out on the other side, a better and stronger Christian and person. Press in to Him and trust Him in all things and remember that the best is yet to come.

A pillar

Angus tells us that just as a strong pillar will hold up a roof or a building so we must be a strong pillar for the lord. That way God can and will use you in His church to be a support and a help to others. He wants you to be someone who can be relied upon and show His love to all. Jesus is our pillar and strength at all times! Be blessed by this message.