Biblical Elective

May be used as a biblical studies elective.

Each of our programs offers a variety of electives to help our students personalize their educational experience to meet their ministerial goals

Ministry Internship

CHR495 • 1 - 3 Hours

Students apply classroom skills and insights in actual work environments under professional supervision. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite senior status in ministry or theology

Senior Seminar

CHR491 • 3 Hours

Research, career preparation, senior project, and/or study abroad.

Topics Preaching

CHR472 • 3 Hours

A study of advanced topics in Christian preaching including hermeneutics, sermon forms, and delivery techniques. Prerequisite CHR362

Topics Youth Ministry

CHR470 • 3 Hours

A study of the issues facing youth as well as the developmental nature of youth and the issues affecting them and their families, as well as an examination of the demands upon the schedule, priorities, family and other aspects of the youth minister's life focusing on personal habits, family involvement, calling, career opportunities and continuing development. Prerequisite CHR270 or Permission

Topics Christian Theology

CHR445 • 3 Hours

An in-depth study of selected topics of theological significance. Prerequisite CHR205 & CHR240

New Testament Topics

CHR425 • 3 Hours

Study of specialized topic of New Testament research; includes individual research projects with faculty supervision. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite CHR109 & CHR205

Old Testament Topics

CHR415 • 3 Hours

Study of specialized topic of Old Testament; includes individual research projects under faculty supervision. Prerequisite CHR107 & CHR205

Spiritual Formation

CHR382 • 3 Hours

A survey of biblical foundations, theological principles, and practices of spiritual formation for the minister.

Psychology of Religion

CHR380 • 3 Hours

Empirical analysis of the effects of religion on the individual; topics include religious development; religious expression; religious conversation; religious attitudes and behaviors; and religion's effects on mental health. Prerequisite PSY101

Church Planting

CHR375 • 3 Hours

This course will serve as an introduction to the topic of Church Planting. Students will be provided a theological basis for church planting, analyze New Testament admonitions for church planters, and be introduced to the nature of church planting in the 21st century. Students will discover terms and concepts pertinent to church planting.

Pastoral Care

CHR363 • 3 Hours

An introduction to the biblical-theological foundations and practical strategies relating to pastoral care and counseling in the local church.

Preaching Practicum

CHR372 • 3 Hours

Students will have the opportunity to practice and further develop skills developed in CHR362, Christian Preaching. Students will sharpen their skills in effectively preparing and delivering sermons, discover insight on developing genre specific sermons, and learn to develop and implement a preaching plan. Prerequisite CHR362 or Permission

Youth Ministry Administration

CHR370 • 3 Hours

A study of the various aspects of administering the work of the youth minister focusing on roles, relationships, resources and responsibilities, and practical application to the local church. Prerequisite CHR270 or Permission

Contemporary Church

CHR367 • 3 Hours

A study of practices and trends in ministry in contemporary churches, including use of technology, multi-site approaches, church planting strategies, and other topics. Students will be required to attend a major ministry conference as part of the course. Prerequisite CHR250 or Permission


CHR366 • 3 Hours

A survey of missions and outreach with particular focus on Southern Baptist missions and emerging mission strategies in the 21st century. Prerequisite CHR365 or Permission

Evangelism and Church Health

CHR365 • 3 Hours

An introduction to the disciplines of evangelism and missions, including their biblical basis and theological foundations along with a study of strategies, methodologies, and trends in the 21st century church. Prerequisite CHR205


CHR364 • 3 Hours

An introductory survey of the history, theology and practice of worship in the local church. Prerequisite CHR250

Christian Preaching

CHR362 • 3 Hours

A study of the preparation and delivery of effective biblical sermons. Prerequisite CHR205

Christian Philosophy

CHR361 • 3 Hours

A study of Christian approaches to epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophical theology.

Pastoral Ministry

CHR360 • 3 Hours

An introduction to the theological foundations and practical strategies relating to pastoral ministry, including: pastoral care, worship, discipleship, spiritual disciplines, and topics in local church ministry. Prerequisite CHR250 or Permission