What Destorys Community

What Destroys Community

October 13, 2019 • Eric Noh

Efficiency is good for businesses and helping people accomplish more in their lives. But, when brought into the context of community it can destroy it. Efficiency always begins by assigning values. And when we assign values to people it creates a community where some are worth more than others. In order for community to flourish it takes (1) Time and (2) Place. In other words, you actually need to spend a large sum of time + you actually have to be physically present for community to happen. We must remember that everyone is equally valued in the eyes of Christ. Every single person was made in the image of God. We also must remember that Christ was wasteful in his love for us. The reason we love efficiently is because we have an agenda. And that agenda is be accepted and loved. But when we remember the wasteful love of Christ it destroys our need to be loved and accepted by certain people in our lives.