Hope Restored


February 4, 2018 • David Staples

Freeing People to Forgive

January 28, 2018 • David Staples

Often times we don't forgive others for their sake, but to liberate our own freedom. Forgiveness is a challenging process and times never truly heals all wounds. God has shown graciously the meaning of forgiveness through his son Jesus Christ.

Affection and Love

January 21, 2018 • David Staples

Living for acceptance and love leads to a life imprisoned by our own desires but living from acceptance and love gives us freedom to experience God's full love and grace.


January 14, 2018 • David Staples

Time does not heal all wounds. Confessing our sins means admitting that we can’t do anything about our sin.

A New Destiny

January 7, 2018 • David Staples

Sometimes it feels like you are stuck and there is no where to turn. We end up in this endless cycle of making bad decisions. Although we all mess up and make bad decisions, the good news is that according to the Gospel, who we were yesterday does not have to limit who we can be today. The hope we once had, can ultimately be restored as we place our trust in Jesus.