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Giving, Really?

June 24, 2018 • David Staples

Do you really believe, "It is more blessed to give than to receive"? God has extravagant plans for our lives if we choose to place our trust in Him. Stop comparing yourselves with others and give joyfully to the things God loves and adores.

Happy Father's Day

June 17, 2018 • David Staples

Staying connected to the unconditional love of your Heavenly Father, allows you to overflow with grace to your children. Fathers leave behind a legacy not embedded on your works but your time with your family.

How to Be Good at Being Generous

June 10, 2018 • David Staples

Being generous means you don’t assume the extra is for you to consume. It takes a conscious active step to give to one another.

I am Rich!

June 3, 2018 • David Staples

It's easy to compare our success to the next person and really not feel successful. There are people all around us who are ahead of us in their careers and with their finances. Therefore, those people should be more generous as they have more. However, we all are rich. The focus shouldn't be on whether we are rich but how to be good at being rich. The trick is focusing not on what we have but about what we do with what we have. God shares all throughout His Word specific ideas on what we should do with what we have.