Are We A Thankful Church?

November 18, 2018 • John Staples • Luke 17:11-18

Are We A Thankful Church? Thankful not only remember but they respond in gratitude.

Rescued to Rescuer

July 5, 2020 • Michael Lee

As we have overcome painful and difficult moments, God calls us one step further. God calls us to bless others and become their rescuers and heroes.

Sermon on the Mount

July 5, 2020 • Sara Cho

Jesus preached to many people so they could learn about God. Jesus taught how believers should live, and He told parables about the kingdom of God. He showed that God wants His people to be saved from sin. Story Point: Jesus taught people how to live in God’s kingdom.

You're Invaluable

June 28, 2020 • Michael Lee

I need you and you need me. Your story can change the lives of those around you. Never believe you're not enough or think you're insignificant. You're invaluable and irreplaceable in the eyes of God.