Beneath Two Prayers

January 6, 2019 • Stephen Lee • Luke 18:9-14

In looking at the prayers of a Pharisee and tax collector in a parable that Jesus gives, I will focus on the two different approaches to God that they reveal. On the surface of things, the Pharisee is by far the more devout and religious of the two, and yet what the parable reveals is that it is actually the tax collector who was justified and not the other. At a time of year when people are making resolutions towards bettering themselves, we will be looking at a few questions that we can ask of ourselves to ensure that we are staying centered upon His grace in a way which God is pleased by. Podcast available soon!

Humility in Thanksgiving

November 10, 2019 • John Staples

True humility in thanksgiving comes from seeking the interest of others. True humility in thanksgiving comes by living a life to leave an eternal legacy for others

Thanksgiving in Christ

November 3, 2019 • John Staples

True joy comes in knowing that Christ is glorified above all things. True joy comes when Christ is our everything.

Parable of the Sower

October 20, 2019 • Derek Hwang

God's call for us to sow God's seed to the people around us. How God calls us to sow seeds to all four grounds instead of just the fertile ground.