September 17, 2017 • David Staples

In the moments we want to reset our lives it's not by chance but a conscious decision that takes courage. Courage is a choice, not a feeling.

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September 24, 2017 • David Staples

We all want to leave a legacy behind to know we finished well. With regrets we easily give up but, it's never too late.

Outside of Our Control

September 10, 2017 • David Staples

We all go through life some regrets. Some of the regrets were mistakes and other regrets were outside of our control. Deep down, we all wish for a do over, restart, or try again. Many believe that God gives us second chances, but we forget that we serve a God not of second chances but many chances. In our mistakes, we try to work harder, we strive for perfection forgetting there is only one who is perfect. In Christ, our regrets become resets.