The God of Scandalous Grace

March 10, 2019 • John Staples

God’s grace gives us room to be honest with God. Ultimately, God’s grace will give us an eternal perspective on life and who he is.

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Obedience that Leads to Revival

March 3, 2019 • John Staples

Sometimes God allows us to pass through something to get to something better. God’s call will often take us from our comfort zone but he's walking every step with us.

Salvation Belongs to the Lord

February 24, 2019 • John Staples

In a society where everything is available in an instant we often articulate the same wants and needs to God. Whether God says yes or no, his timing is perfect and in his timing far more amazing if we are patient.

Running from God

February 17, 2019 • John Staples

We are worried our shortcomings will deter God from having a relationship with us. God will pursue us to the end of the world even in moments when we refuse.