6/30/17 - The Biblical and Historical Answers to our Troubled Times – Part II

Understanding the Nature of Man

June 30, 2017 • Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler, & Gary Dull

The Biblical and Historical Answers to our Troubled Times – Part II: Understanding the Nature of Man. Topics discussed: "Breaking the 10 Commandments" – one at a time – and all at once. Our Founders ‘God-designed’ foundational plan for America. What our Founders thought about ‘Understanding the Nature of man’: What we must relearn. What difference would understanding the nature of man as sinful and depraved make in our nation? To listen to Part I of this series, please click on the link or visit the SIGT program for 6/16/17 : http://subsplash.com/americanpastors/v/v3om4ka

12/2/21 - The Latest Research

December 2, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: David New

Constitutional Attorney David New joins the program to discuss the following themes: SCOTUS and Abortion vs Life ; America a “Christian Nation?”- latest Research; The Separation of Church & State Revisited; The Historical View of America – A Christian Nation

12/1/21 - The Undeniable COVID 19 Vaccine Truth

December 1, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Dolores Cahill

The Undeniable COVID 19 Vaccine Truth: 2020 Projected vs. 2021 Realized. We are joined by Dolores Cahill (PHD - Molecular Biologist/Immunologist). Topics discussed include: 2020 Projections Revisited. The Spike Protein and Inflammation. Hopeful Healer or Camouflaged Killer? 2022 - A Look Ahead.

11/30/21 - Cooperative Totalitarianism

November 30, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Bill Koenig

Cooperative Totalitarianism: The Willing Embracing of Bondage. We are joined by Bill Koenig (Founder, World Watch Daily; Former White House Correspondent). Topics discussed include: A Strong Delusion. The European Example. The Australian Example. The Israeli Example.