The Why, How, and Who

November 4, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Bryan Osborne

Apologetics: The Why, How, and Who. We are joined by Bryan Osborne (Answers in Genesis). Topics discussed include: What is Apologetics? Apologetics: The Why, How, and Who. Apologetics Applied. 

The Research Is In

March 2, 2024 • Sam Rohrer, Isaac Crockett, Guest: George Barna

The Research Is In: America’s Teetering on the Edge of Christian Invisibility. We are joined by George Barna (Director of Research; Cultural Research Center, AZ Christian University). Topics discussed include: About the Research. The Rejection of Core “Christian” Beliefs. The Solution. 

Our Desperate Need for Spiritual Resuscitation

February 24, 2024 • Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kistler, Guest: David Bryant

Our Desperate Need for Spiritual Resuscitation. We are joined by David Bryant (President, Proclaim Hope). Topics discussed include: Why Resuscitation and Breathing the Air of Revival/Prayer? Why Do We Struggle? Pastors – The Need for Renewal and the Roadblocks Faced. Practical Steps Towards Resuscitation.

The World to Israel

February 17, 2024 • Sam Rohrer, Guests: Bill Koenig, Albert Veksler

The World to Israel: You’re a Problem for Everyone! We are joined by Bill Koenig (Founder, World Watch Daily; Former White House Correspondent) and Albert Veksler (Founder, Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast). Topics discussed include: The #1 Problem. The 2 State – Non-Solution. The Widening US-Iran War. Sweden, Jerusalem, and New York City to Host 2024 Jerusalem Prayer Breakfasts.