12/2/21 - The Latest Research

America a Christian Nation?

December 2, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: David New

Constitutional Attorney David New joins the program to discuss the following themes: SCOTUS and Abortion vs Life ; America a “Christian Nation?”- latest Research; The Separation of Church & State Revisited; The Historical View of America – A Christian Nation

1/21/22 - The Sobering Reality of America’s New Religion

January 21, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Isaac Crockett, Guest: George Barna

The Sobering Reality of America’s New Religion. We are joined by Dr. George Barna (Researcher, Speaker, Founder - The Barna Group). Topics discussed include: Defining This ‘Religion’. Describing the Followers. Identifying and Applying the Solution.

1/20/22 - Bracing for Impact

January 20, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: Leo Hohmann

Bracing for Impact: The Tightening Grip of Tyranny. We are joined by Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist). Topics discussed include: The “Impact” Premise. The “Great Reset” Goal. Strategically Evil. Return to God.

1/19/22 - God’s Fulfilling Redemption Plan

January 19, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: Bill Salus

God’s Fulfilling Redemption Plan: The Millennium and New Jerusalem. We are joined by Dr. Bill Salus (Prophecy Depot Ministries). Topics discussed include: The End Times Meta-Narrative. The Millennium Description. The Millennium Governance: Jewish/Jerusalem, Gentile Nations.