Pres. Xi Jinping - Leader for Life

March 14, 2018 • Sam Rohrer, JR McGee

The latest enormous change made in China to grant current Pres. Xi Jinping the title of leader for life. Does this change sound like freedom or totalitarianism with world control in mind? BreakPoint: Xi Jinping, Lifer http://www.breakpoint.org/2018/03/breakpoint-xi-jinping-lifer/

U.S. House re-opens the door to a National Patient ID

June 19, 2019 • Sam Rohrer, Twila Brase, Dave Kistler

Over 2 decades ago an attempt was made to initiate individually unique patient identifier numbers. A previous Congress overruled this on the basis of patient privacy and former Congressman Ron Paul was successful in preventing money from being placed in the budget to fund such a totalitarian agenda. But that has now changed. What major change did the U.S. House under the leadership of the Democrats just do to this funding prohibition? Where is this going next? What does this change mean for those concerned with patient privacy?

Preventing the harvesting of children's DNA

June 19, 2019 • Gary Dull, Twila Brase

What are some steps a concerned parent can take to prevent the unethical or unlawful harvesting of their newborn child’s DNA?

MI and the Pursuit of Baby DNA

June 19, 2019 • Sam Rohrer, Twila Brase, Dave Kistler, Gary Dull

Unknown to most, the state of MI has for many years been collecting, storing DNA from babies born in MI, and transferring this DNA to bio-storage banks. This past week, a federal court temporarily put a hold on this action. When did the MI legislature approve the collection of newborn (baby) DNA? Why did they do it? Why should people be concerned?