Should pastors address the immigration issue?

July 8, 2019 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer

Rep. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez started referring to the Border Detention Centers as Concentration Camps. Soon after her recent visit to the border centers, a group of Pastors from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference went to the same place she was and gave a different story. AOC has come out attacking them for this. Should pastors not address this issue? Is it too political?

Hope of national revival in the millennial generation?

August 22, 2019 • Isaac Crockett, Keith Wiebe

Is there hope to see national revival among those in the millennial generation and younger?

Why are millennials and Generation Z folks drawn to socialist beliefs?

August 22, 2019 • Isaac Crockett, Dave Kistler

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are probably the best known socialists in America today. Why are so many millennials and Generation Z folks in particular drawn to their socialist beliefs?

Is gender neutral wording Biblical?

August 22, 2019 • Isaac Crockett, Dave Kistler, Keith Wiebe

Many colleges and schools are now teaching gender neutral wording on the campus. Is this type of thinking Biblical or sane?