3/19/18 - What Every Christian Must Know about Islam – Part 1

An Expose of Islamic Ideology and Its Grand Design for America

March 19, 2018 • Dave Kistler, Gary Dull

What Every Christian Must Know about Islam – Part 1: An Expose of Islamic Ideology and Its Grand Design for America. We are joined by Tom Wallace (Fortress of Faith). Topics discussed include: What is the modus operandi (MO) of CAIR? Why are Islamic police officers unable to really swear allegiance to U.S. law and really protect U.S. citizens? What about those who say people are overacting, Islamophobic, crying wolf? How do we answer those critics who refuse to see what is glaringly in front of us? What must take place inside the churches and behind the pulpits to fan the flame of a revival in America?

9/24/21 - Ask Sam

September 24, 2021 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer

Ask Sam: Episode 8. We are joined by Sam Rohrer (President, American Pastors Network; SIGT Host). Topics discussed include: American Needs Renewal. A New Reformation for National Revival. Questions on War. Pushing Back Against Government Schools.

9/23/21 - When the Constitution Becomes “Harmful Content”

September 23, 2021 • Guests: Roger Gannum & David N

When the Constitution Becomes “Harmful Content”. Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull are joined by Roger Gannum (Liberty Counsel) and David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Freedom Fight Update. The National Archives and “Harmful Content”. Guarding the Truth: Remove Not the Landmarks.

9/22/21 - Islam, Terror, and the ‘god’ of Allah

September 22, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: IQ al Rassoli

Islam, Terror, and the ‘god’ of Allah. We are joined by IQ al Rassooli (Author; Iraqi now living in exile). Topics discussed include: Islam: A Religion of Peace? Who is Allah? Defeating Islam: The Battlefield or Knowledge?