2/23/22 - 5G Technology and the COVID Connection

Part III

February 23, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Lee Vliet

5G Technology and the COVID Connection: Part III. We are joined by Dr. Lee Vliet (Truth for Health Foundation). Topics discussed include: 5G Technology Defined. 5G and 5 Areas of Physical Damage. 5G and COVID Connections. Protecting Yourself.

5/21/24 - Moses Goes to Court

May 21, 2024 • Jamie Mitchell, Guest: Brad Dacus

Moses Goes to Court: The Ten Commandments in Modern Juris Prudence. We are joined by Brad Dacus (President, Pacific Justice Institute). Topics discussed include: The Law of Moses Under Attack in U.S. Courts. Keep the Sabbath and Honor Parents. No Murder and No Adultery. No Stealing, No Lying, and No Coveting.

5/20/24 - The Future of Bitcoin & Crypto

May 20, 2024 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Matt Szina

The Future of Bitcoin & Crypto: Controlled, Clarified, or Confused? We are joined by Matt Szina (Trainer; Mechanical Engineer). Topics discussed include: Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin in Review. Bitcoin: Controlled, Clarified, or Confused? Bitcoin, Crypto, and the Average Citizen.

5/17/24 - Ask Sam - You Are Not Alone

May 17, 2024 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer

Ask Sam - You Are Not Alone: Episode 56. Topics discussed include: The Issue of Loneliness. Many Americans Feel Lonely. People Waiting to Get Married and Have Children is Taking a Toll on Society.