6/30/21 - 10 Principles to National Renewal

Principle #1 - Integrity

June 30, 2021 • Sam R, Gary D, Keith W

10 Principles to National Renewal: Principle #1 - Integrity. Topics discussed include: The Necessity of Integrity. God Raises Up. A National Unifying Vision. Acting Under God’s Authority.

9/15/21 - Faulty Measurements, Onerous Restrictions, and the Unmasked Truth

September 15, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Twila Brase

Faulty Measurements, Onerous Restrictions, and the Unmasked Truth. We are joined by Twila Brase (President and Co-Founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom). Topics discussed include: Faulty Measurements. Onerous Restrictions. The Unmasked Truth. The Patient Toolbox.

9/14/21 - Urgency

September 14, 2021 • Dave Kistler, Gary Dull, Guest: Frank Shelton

Urgency: Understanding the Times and How We Should Respond. We are joined by Frank Shelton (Evangelist, Author). Topics discussed include: Having Perspective. Where Are We Going Prophetically & Politically?

9/13/21 - The King Speaks

September 13, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: Leo Hohmann

The King Speaks: Sit Down, Shut Up! It’s Not a Matter of Freedom. We are joined by Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist). Topics discussed include: The King Speaks. Confuse, Deceive, and Redefine. Ignore the Law. Responding Rightly.