‘Christian’ Education

The Essential Components

September 2, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Renton Rathbun

‘Christian’ Education: The Essential Components. We are joined by Renton Rathbun (Center for Biblical Worldview, Bob Jones University; Professor). Topics discussed include: Identifying the Components. Biblical Worldview – Defined and Illustrated. Christian Education Today. BJU Press Curriculum Described.

Good News, Bad News, and More Confirming News

November 18, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Twila Brase

Good News, Bad News, and More Confirming News. We are joined by Twila Brase (President and Co-Founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom). Topics discussed include: Good News – A New Friendly U.S. Speaker. Bad News – More Attacks on Health Freedom. More Confirming News. What’s Next?

Remembering Persecuted Christians

November 11, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Todd Nettleton

Remembering Persecuted Christians. We are joined by Todd Nettleton (Voice of the Martyrs). Topics discussed include: International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians. Reports from the Continent of Africa and the East. 


November 4, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Bryan Osborne

Apologetics: The Why, How, and Who. We are joined by Bryan Osborne (Answers in Genesis). Topics discussed include: What is Apologetics? Apologetics: The Why, How, and Who. Apologetics Applied.