10/17/17 - Biblical Perspective on Self Defense and Church Safety

October 17, 2017 • Isaac Crockett, Keith Weibe • Guest: Huascar Rivera (retired State Police Lt. Colonel)

Biblical Perspective on Self Defense and Church Safety. We are joined by Huascar Rivera (VP WSK & Associates Security, retired State Police Lt. Colonel). Topics discussed include: What’s happening at APN. National Anthem Protests. A Biblical defense of self-defense. Protecting our churches and preventing church shootings. Solutions for societal and church violence.

7/16/18 - From NATO to Russia

The Trump Tour Continues • July 16, 2018 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

From NATO to Russia: The Trump Tour Continues. We are joined by IQ al Rassooli (Iraqi now living in exile; author). Topics discussed include: The Bible & Change. The NATO-Helsinki-Putin European Tour. Turkey’s Erdogan: The Rise of an Empire.

7/13/18 - The Courageous Church

July 13, 2018 • Gary Dull, Micah Clouse

The Courageous Church. We are joined by Dr. Douglas Levesque (The Bible Nation Society). Topics discussed include: What is “The Courageous Church”? The Mission of the Church. The Fundamentals of a Courageous Church.

7/12/18 - Understanding the Mindset of Millennials

July 12, 2018 • Isaac Crockett, Gary Dull

Understanding the Mindset of Millennials. We are joined by Micah Clouse (Member of Faith Baptist Church). Topics discussed include: Reflection and Comparison of Millennials and Past Generations. Millennial Thinking. Many younger Americans are OK with the idea of Socialism. Who and what is influencing Millennials?