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Enemy or Mission Field? • June 20, 2021 • Hormoz Shariat

Iran: Enemy or Mission Field? Keith Wiebe and Gary Dull are joined by Pastor Hormoz Shariat (Iran Alive Ministries). Topics discussed include: The Servant. The Mission Field. Mission Strategy. The Mission.


Land of the Rising Threat • June 13, 2021 • JR McGee

China: Land of the Rising Threat. Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull are joined by JR McGee (CEO X-Stream Leadership Group, Geopolitical Expert, Biblical Scholar). Topics discussed include: Flexing Muscles Everywhere. Taiwan and the South China Sea. Bioweapons, Wuhan Lab, and the Nuclear Threat. The Middle East and Biblical Prophecy.

Truth in America

Is it Gone Forever? • June 6, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Alex McFarland

Truth in America: Is it Gone Forever? We are joined by Alex McFarland (Speaker, Author, and Advocate for Christian Apologetics). Topics discussed include: The Evidence (Truth Fallen in the Streets). The Process and the Cause. The Implications & Response.

Gender, Biology, or Social Construct?

May 30, 2021 • Randall Wenger, Lexi Stefani

Gender, Biology, or Social Construct? Joe Green and Sam Rohrer are joined by Randall L Wenger (Chief Counsel; Independence Law Center) and Lexi Stefani (Pennsylvania Family Institute). Topics discussed include: Shifting the Conversation Regarding Gender Dysphoria. Does a Man who Identifies as a Woman have a Female Brain? Legislation to Ban Biological Males from Participating in Girls’ and Women’s Sports. Looking at Gender Dysphoria from a Christian Perspective.

Redefining Bioethics

The Implications of Medicine Without Morality • May 22, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Marilyn Singleton

Redefining Bioethics: The Implications of Medicine Without Morality. We are joined by Dr. Marilyn Singleton (MD, JD, Board Certified Anesthesiologist). Topics discussed include: Bioethics –Defined and Redefined. Bio Research Restrained & Unrestrained. The Biblical and Scientific Truth Standards.

Accelerating God’s Final Plans

American Presidents and Israel • May 15, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Bill Koenig

Accelerating God’s Final Plans: American Presidents and Israel. We are joined by Bill Koenig (White House Correspondent, Founder World Watch Daily). Topics discussed include: The U.S. - Israel Nexus. The Early & Middle Years: FDR/Truman, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, George W. Bush, and Clinton. The Latter Years: George W. Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden. Preparing God’s Way.

Preachers and Politicians

Can They be the Same Person? • May 8, 2021 • Keith Wiebe, Gary Dull, Rolan Roberts

Preachers and Politicians: Can They be the Same Person? We are joined by Dr. Rolan Roberts (Pastor; WV State Senator). Topics discussed include: Pastors in Political Office? Pastoring and Legislating. Biblical Worldview and Politics. Praying for Our Leaders.

America’s New 94% Religion

The Reality & Implications • May 1, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, George Barna

America’s New 94% Religion: The Reality & Implications. We are joined by Dr. George Barna (Researcher, Speaker, Founder - The Barna Group). Topics discussed include: The Topline Results. The Belief-Behavior Connection. The Reality: Syncretism – America’s New Religion. The Implications: The Challenge to Christianity and Freedom.

The Re-education of America

April 25, 2021 • Joe Green, Sam Rohrer, Merzamie Clark

Did you know words like diversity, inclusivity, and equity have now become as popular as words like tolerance, identity, and equal opportunity. Unfortunately, these are all code words for some of the most intolerant, exclusive, and unfair actions and attitudes our nation has experienced in recent decades. Nowhere are these words more touted than on our college and university campuses. Our centers for teaching and learning have become repositories of liberal ideology. Gender and Sexual diversity trump actual diversity. Anti-racism and Identity Politics trump true civil rights. And intolerance trumps tolerance. Give a welcome to Cancel Culture, the newest bully on the block. If you’ve kept up with the news at all, you know that the left, including the Biden administration, are actively encouraging big tech, big industry, and the media to silence the voices of dissent. Whether it’s the Corona virus, gender or race issues, those speaking out against the prevailing narrative are deemed dangerous and worthy of losing their reputations, livelihoods, educational opportunities, financial and religious freedoms. Today on our program, our guest, Merzamie Clark, will talk about her organization, TRINICY, which seeks to help college and university students stand up and speak out. To be truth bearers and light givers in some of the darkest places in our institutions of learning .

The Emerging COVID Passports: Highway to Heaven or a Gateway to Hell?

April 18, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Leo Hohmann

Did you know that to date, 67 million, or approximately 20 percent of the 328 million people in America have been fully vaccinated with the so called COVID ‘vaccine’? Even more have had the first shot in this initial round of dosages for seniors, front line healthcare workers, and others at risk from this illness. While many are hopeful about the vaccine’s efficacy, and many see it as the gateway to a return to normalcy, lurking in the shadows of this seeming answer to a deadly virus is a diabolical plan to use this vaccine for nefarious purposes. For a long time we’ve seen the clues and read the agenda of globalists and their desire to unify the world under the banner of a soft totalitarianism that would appear benevolent but is in truth completely intolerant of any who would resist it. For those who’ve challenged the masking orders, the lockdowns and other COVID policies, this next phase of dictatorial mandates likely requiring vaccines for ALL individuals is going to be a problem of epic proportions. The so-called Vaccine Passport will make its way onto the scene-forever changing America’s way of life and turning what was once a beacon of freedom to the world, into a nanny state similar to Communist China. Your vaccine passport stored on your smartphone will contain all the health information and more you’ll need to access the basic necessities of life and also prove your loyalty to the those in positions of power. Sounds a lot like the end times doesn’t it? We’re going to talk about all this and more with our guest, Leo Hohmann, in this episode titled, “The Vaccine Passport: Highway to Heaven or a Gateway to Hell.”

To Train Up a Child: Leave Egypt Behind

April 11, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Jeff Keaton

Newton’s First Law says that an object at rest tends to stay at rest. If we were to apply that concept to everyday life, we might say that as humans, we typically don’t like to change the way we do things. We prefer to maintain the status quo and not rock the boat. But there comes a moment in everyone’s life when it’s time to make a change and not look back. The title of today’s program is “To Train Up a Child: Leave Egypt Behind”. Most of us know the promise in Proverbs about training up a child in the way he should go, but what does the last part about leaving Egypt have to do with schooling? Well, for those who have school age children-you may have been forced, due to the Coronavirus, to rethink your child’s mode of education. You’re not thrilled with the mask mandates or the lock downs, not to mention the growing awareness of the liberal agenda being pushed in our public schools and colleges. Perhaps you’re thinking about what this year of schooling looked like-and have decided a change is in order, but you’re not sure how or why it needs to be made. If that’s you or someone you know-you’ll want to listen to this enlightening episode of Stand in the Gap Weekend. Host: Sam Rohrer Co-host: Dr. Gary Dull Guest: Jeff Keaton with Renew-a-Nation

Rediscovering the Resurrection

April 4, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Dr. Gary Dull

Introduction Transcript: While the nation focuses their attention on various news stories like the COVID vaccine and the border crisis, we’re going to take a break from our usual format and air a sermon from one of our frequent Stand in the Gap radio co-hosts. Hello, I’m Sam Rohrer, and my long-time friend, Pastor Gary Dull, is going to help us rediscover the resurrection of Jesus Christ afresh as we pause to celebrate Easter this week. We hope this previously recorded message will redirect your gaze from the earthly to the heavenly, from the transient to the eternal and from the gathering darkness to the Giver of Life and Light.

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Digital Assets: Making the Complex Understandable

March 28, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Matt Szina

In the book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 16 and 17, the Bible describes what it will be like to live under the reign of the “beast”, a person of great power and influence during a time of worldwide tribulation. The author, none other than the Apostle John, records that “…he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Hello, I’m Sam Rohrer, and while there are still many mysteries regarding end times prophecies, it’s clear that someday, commerce and currency will be dependent on a one-world government-and an evil one at that. If you’re a consumer of financial news, no doubt you know of and perhaps participate in the use of Cryptocurrency. As the globalist agenda continues to advance under the liberal Biden administration, assisted by the worldwide global COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see an upward trend in the use of Bitcoin and digital assets. These are means of buying and selling without a bank or middleman, conducted over the internet in real time. If you’re wondering how this all works and why we should be aware of its increasingly influential capabilities, you’ll want to stay tuned for this highly informative episode of Stand in the Gap Weekend.

Standing Against False Teaching from Within

March 21, 2021 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer, Dr. Arthur Belanger

Introduction Transcript: In Matthew 7:15 Christ tells his disciples to beware of false prophets. Wolves in sheep’s clothing who will destroy the church with their deceitful words and immoral conduct. Hello, I’m your host Sam Rohrer and I think you’d agree with me that we’re living in days of great deception. The overwhelming bulk of mainstream news is overtly biased, and our national leaders cleverly twist information to their own advantage. The lust for power, money and fame drives this machine which is growing stronger each day. While we lament the course we’re on, we also grieve over the state of the church which in large part has thrown its lot in with the rest of progressive, liberal crowd. By catering to a very vocal few, the silent majority will ultimately leave the church, or worse-become part of the deception. During today’s program we’ll be identifying the key characteristics of false teachers and preachers and then we’ll discuss what a leader of integrity will think, say, and do. I hope you’ll stay with me for this week’s episode of Stand in the Gap Weekend.

Drawing the Line for Truth: Biblical Interposition and the Culture

March 14, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Matt Trewhella

The role of the Pastor encompasses many different job descriptions in the Bible. He is a Shepherd of the ‘sheep’, a Minister of God for righteousness; a truth teller and light bearer, and a servant of Jesus Christ to the people. On this program, we’ll be talking about another job description of not only the local pastor, but believers also. It’s the job of interposition. In laymen’s terms, it’s the idea that one uses their position of lesser authority to intervene in the mistreatment of others by a higher authority who is acting unjustly or unlawfully. There are many examples of this in Scripture and throughout history. You might recall the story of Esther-who interposed on behalf of her people whose very lives were threatened by the evil machinations of Haman. So, what does this have to do with us and why is it important we understand our role as ‘interposers’? Well, the answer to this question and more will become abundantly clear as we consider the theme for today’s program- Drawing the Line for Truth: Biblical Interposition and the Culture. Host: Sam Rohrer Co-host: Dr. Gary Dull Guest: Pastor Matt Trewhella