3/2/21 - Elections, Consequences, and Education

March 2, 2021 • Keith Wiebe, Gary Dull, Jamison Coppola • Guest: Jamison Coppola

Elections, Consequences, and Education. We are joined by Jamison Coppola (American Association of Christian Schools). Topics discussed include: Elections and Change, Equality, School Choice, and a Biblical Worldview.

4/20/21 - Protecting the Second Amendment

April 20, 2021 • Gary Dull, Dave Kistler, Bonita Shreve, Don Corl

Protecting the Second Amendment. We are joined by Bonita Shreve & Don Corl (Faith Baptist Church). Topics discussed include: Understanding the Bill of Rights. Protecting the Second Amendment. Establishing a Sanctuary County for the Second Amendment. What Really is the Gun Issue?

4/19/21 - Diligently Train the Next Generation

April 19, 2021 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

Diligently Train the Next Generation. Topics discussed include: Problems Facing Our Youth Today. The Role of Family in Training the Next Generation. The Role of Church in Training the Next Generation.

4/16/21 - America’s New 94% Religion

The Reality & Implications • April 16, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, George Barna

America’s New 94% Religion: The Reality & Implications. We are joined by Dr. George Barna (Researcher, Speaker, Founder - The Barna Group). Topics discussed include: The Topline Results. The Belief-Behavior Connection. The Reality: Syncretism – America’s New Religion. The Implications: The Challenge to Christianity and Freedom.