The CARES Act: Not So Caring

May 5, 2020 • Sam Rohrer, Isaac Crockett

Sam Rohrer presents biblical principles to Pastors and Church leaders regarding the opportunity to obtain money through government funding made available to 501c3's via the CARES Act.

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COVID Fact or Fear? An In-Depth Q and A with My Family Doc

July 27, 2021 • Gordon Donaldson

Stand in the Gap Media Host, Sam Rohrer, interviews Dr. Gordon Donaldson concerning Coronavirus specifics, vaccine information, and protocols for infection.

PA Leadership Conference 2020 Sam Rohrer

September 25, 2020

Pennsylvania Pastors Network President, Sam Rohrer, speaks at the 2020 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. What does it mean to restore the law? Watch this short video as Sam explains how lawlessness is the problem and restoring the law is the solution. In Pennsylvania, the legislature holds the key.

Re-Gathering: A Conference Call for Pastors and Churches

May 6, 2020

When can the church gather again? How do I fulfill my duty as Pastor and care for the health and safety of my church? What does the Constitution permit me to do? Can our church be held liable if we re-open and someone says they were infected with the Coronavirus at our facility? These questions and more are answered on this conference call hosted by Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastors Network and Dr. Gary Dull, Executive Director of the PA Pastors Network. Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel and Kyle Johnson with Brotherhood Mutual answer questions and offer advice for churches who wish to regather during the COVID-19 Crisis. Pastor Denny Mallonee and Pastor Todd Johnson also join the call as panelists.