8/21/18 - Barking Dogs

Watchmen Warning of Danger

August 21, 2018 • Dave Kistler, Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull • Guest: Pastor Barry Daniel

Barking Dogs: Watchmen Warning of Danger. We are joined by Pastor Barry Daniel (New Hope Baptist Church, Covington, VA). Topics discussed include: Pastor preaches a sermon on the REVOICE conference. What’s going to happen in the church and our nation if pastors refuse to speak on the cultural issues of the day? Bringing the hope found in Christ to LGBT people from the pulpits. The Islamic Relief Agency and terrorism. Originally Aired: 7/31/18

9/21/18 - Fantastic U.S. Economy

Fearful Imminent Global Changes • September 21, 2018 • Sam Rohrer

Fantastic U.S. Economy: Fearful Imminent Global Changes. We are joined by William Parker (CEO Grandview Asset Management). Topics discussed include: The Fantastic Economic Numbers. Danger: China’s Chilling ‘Social Credit Scores’. BRI – Investing: Good Gains, Not Just Big Gains.

9/29/18 - Breaking News

The Surveillance State & the Russian Connection • September 20, 2018 • Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler

Breaking News: The Surveillance State & the Russian Connection. We are joined by Mark Lerner (The Constitutional Alliance). Topics discussed include: Facial Recognition: The Truth Comes Out. Forget Russian Election Meddling: It’s Far Worse – Part I & 2. The Surveillance State is Here.

9/19/18 - Yom Kippur

The Highest Holy Day • September 19, 2018 • Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler

Yom Kippur: The Highest Holy Day. We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: What does it mean to be holy? Yom Kippur – Day of Significance. The Enraged Russian Bear. “Rats” under the Temple Mount.