Critical Race Theory? How Has it Infiltrated All of Society?

January 17, 2021 • Dr. Joe Green, Sam Rohrer, Dr. Shelby Steele

Trying to understand the words and phrases bandied about in today’s culture is like trying to grasp the explanation of rules for a game written in a 30-page booklet in 10 seconds flat. It’s hard to do. Words like intersectionality, critical race theory, cancel culture, and white privilege can leave one’s head spinning. On today's program our guest, Dr. Shelby Steele, will be explaining one of the phrases you might hear or see on social media-but don’t know very much about. 'Critical race theory' in practical laymen’s terms is the erroneous idea that all of society is built and perpetuated by racism, namely the white vs. black kind. America, according to this ideology, was built on the backs of slaves. Our Founding Fathers didn’t actually come here to create a Constitutional republic where all men were created free and equal-they came to perpetuate slavery and the subjugation of the black man for their own selfish and narrow interests. And America continues to fashion society, government, laws, and education etc. all with a design and intent to discriminate and degrade their black fellow citizens. Well, if you’re a student of history you know this kind of thinking is dangerous and patently false. And as we’ll learn today, it doesn’t help the root cause of the true problems facing black Americans. How did we get to the place in our country where so many are convinced we’re a nation of bigots and racists? Why have billions and maybe even trillions of dollars been spent to alleviate the perceived disparities and inequities, yet crime, poverty, poor education and broken families continue to plague the black culture? We'll explore more on this topic because it’s so very important we understand what’s being said, and how we can truly help our black friends and neighbors. Host: Dr. Joe Green Co-host: Sam Rohrer Guest: Dr. Shelby Steele

Bursting Balloons: From the Stock Market to Joe Biden

February 28, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Bob Adelmann

Many of us remember the 2008 financial crisis which took place due, in large part, to the reckless investing and risky lending practices of major banks, especially in the real estate market. When talking about this event-we often say the “housing bubble burst”. Indeed, homes became vacant and mortgages defaulted leaving investors, bankers, and the government holding the bag. As if we're witnessing Déjà vu, the economic wave we've been riding is about to crash. Financial policies spanning administrations have set the stage and we, as believers and citizens must discern how to think and act on the information we know. What do we do as we watch out-of-control government spending, the closing of businesses because of COVID restrictions while at the same time the extraordinarily wasteful stimulus package designed to line the pockets of specialty interest groups, pet projects, and wealthy donors which barely touches the desperate need of families who’ve lost jobs, incomes, and loved ones? Today’s guest on the program is a writer and researcher of economics and has a great deal to share with us on this topic. Guest Bob Adelmann shares from his expertise in economics and finances on where we are, and where we're going. Host: Sam Rohrer Co-host: Gary Dull Guest: Bob Adelmann

The Culture and the Pulpit

February 21, 2021 • Keith Wiebe, Sam Rohrer, Joe Green, Paul Blair

Hosts Keith Wiebe and Sam Rohrer discuss the purpose, power and responsibility of the pulpit at this defining hour in our nation's history. Guests were Pastor Joe Green with the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, and Reverend Paul Blair with Fairview Baptist Church in Oklahoma.

COVID-19 Vaccination and the Law with Attorney Mat Staver

February 14, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Mat Staver

During times of emergency or natural disasters, the United States has the means to successfully mobilize the Red Cross, National Guard, and National Emergency Funds to help with rescue, shelter, and other immediate needs for unfortunate victims. Local law enforcement, mayors, and even governors are given temporary emergency powers to do what’s necessary to restore safety and order. On this program, hosts and guests will be talking about emergency powers and how they’ve been abused by state governors during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re also going to address the increasingly oppressive vaccination requirements, and the ever present mask mandates. Does the law have anything to say about these issues? If so, where is the outcry? Have we become so used to being told what to do and trusting the experts that we don’t realize how our freedoms are being taken away? If you want to know the answers to those questions and more-you’ll want to listen to this informative interview with Attorney Mat Staver, Founder and President of Liberty Counsel. Host: Sam Rohrer Co-host: Dr. Gary Dull Guest: Attorney Mat Staver