Restore the Law: Introduction

September 2, 2020

This is a recording of a conference call with Pastors on 9/2/20. Hosted by the PA Pastors Network (PPN) President, Sam Rohrer, this call was a discussion of an Open Letter and Resolution sent by PPN to the Citizens of PA, the Governor, and all Legislators. The theme of the call was "Restore the Law". Below are the agenda items as discussed. 1. Opening and short update on the status of the Letter, the Resolution, the Legislative involvement plus Gov Wolf’s unlawful extension of the Emergency Declaration  - approx. 15 minutes 2. Short comments from 4 of the original 12 Pastors who signed the Open Letter – their reasons for signing, how they have presented it to their congregations, the response thus far (positive) and other open doors which have occurred (sharing the Gospel) – approx. 15 minutes 3. Q & A from a number of pastors on the call – approx. 15 min 4.Closing and recommendations for action and involvement by pastors (and citizens) with Legislators and why it’s so powerful when pastors as Ministers of God in the Pulpit speak with Ministers of God in government (Rom 13)  - approx. 15 min