Restore the Law: Introduction

September 2, 2020 • Sam Rohrer

This is a recording of a conference call with Pastors on 9/2/20. Hosted by the PA Pastors Network (PPN) President, Sam Rohrer, this call was a discussion of an Open Letter and Resolution sent by PPN to the Citizens of PA, the Governor, and all Legislators. The theme of the call was "Restore the Law". Below are the agenda items as discussed. 1. Opening and short update on the status of the Letter, the Resolution, the Legislative involvement plus Gov Wolf’s unlawful extension of the Emergency Declaration  - approx. 15 minutes 2. Short comments from 4 of the original 12 Pastors who signed the Open Letter – their reasons for signing, how they have presented it to their congregations, the response thus far (positive) and other open doors which have occurred (sharing the Gospel) – approx. 15 minutes 3. Q & A from a number of pastors on the call – approx. 15 min 4.Closing and recommendations for action and involvement by pastors (and citizens) with Legislators and why it’s so powerful when pastors as Ministers of God in the Pulpit speak with Ministers of God in government (Rom 13)  - approx. 15 min

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Restore the Law: Responding to Lawlessness God's Way Part 3-The Magdeburg Confession

November 5, 2020

APN presents "Restore the Law: Responding to Lawlessness God's Way- The Magdeburg Confession". Pastor Matt Trewhella joins us again to present the history of the Magdeburg Confession, which is a summary work of pastors of the day who worked through the biblical and historical arguments for lesser magistrates resisting illegitimate law. Here's what one writer had to say about this document: "If there is one positive to be taken from the tyrannical and anti-Christian government policies that characterize the times we live in, it is perhaps the fact that it forces Christians to delve deeper into historical sources for enlightenment on properly reacting to evil government. When pastor Matthew Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was researching the historic Christian doctrine of the lesser magistrate, he read references to the 1550 Magdeburg Confession in his sources and literature, but was unable to locate an English translation of it. The reason for this was, as he would find out, and perhaps shockingly, that this important doctrinal confession had never been translated into English.1 He combined forces with classicist scholar Dr. Matthew Colvin and Presbyterian minister Rev. George Grant to produce and introduce a groundbreaking English translation of the Magdeburg Confession from the original Latin in 2012..." (Source: https://faithandheritage.com/2015/11/the-magdeburg-confession/)

PA Leadership Conference 2020 Sam Rohrer

September 25, 2020

Pennsylvania Pastors Network President, Sam Rohrer, speaks at the 2020 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. What does it mean to restore the law? Watch this short video as Sam explains how lawlessness is the problem and restoring the law is the solution.

Restore the Law: Responding to Lawlessness God's Way Part 1 -The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate

October 15, 2020

On October 15, 2020, APN presented "Responding to Lawlessness-Part 1: The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate by inviting Pastor Matt Trewhella to join a ZOOM call discussing his book by the same name.