Silencing Criticism

December 6, 2019 • Sam Rohrer, Dave Bailey

One of the most effective strategic efforts of Islamists is to cite our First Amendment right to free speech and then declare that under our Constitution we don’t have the right to criticize Islam. Not long ago, Robert Spencer wrote an article on the Islamic effort to silence speech of Islamic critics here and elsewhere in the world. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration were fully on board. How is that happening?

8/13/20 - Stand in the Gap Today

The Constitution, Religion, and the Purpose for Law • August 13, 2020 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

The Constitution, Religion, and the Purpose for Law. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney) and Rafael Ramirez (Samaritan Ministries). Topics discussed include: The Highest Civil Law – Purpose. Relating to God and Moral Law. Oaths and Affirmation. Samaritan Ministries Update.

How should a Pastor prepare his Church for Persecution?

August 12, 2020 • Gary Dull, Dave Kistler

What should a pastor do to prepare his church for persecution?

The Persecuted Church in America?

August 12, 2020 • Gary Dull, Dave Kistler

Gary Dull (Pastor, SIGT Co-Host) and Dave Kistler (Evangelist, SIGT Co-Host) discuss the increased persecution of Christians and churches happening in America. Here in the United States we would have never thought that churches would be persecuted, just basically for the fact that they exist, but they are. How did we get here?