8/9/18 - Bible2School

Good for Academics, Good for America

August 9, 2018 • Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler, Gary Dull • Guest: Kori Pennypacker (Exec. Director of Bible2School)

Bible2School: Good for Academics, Good for America. We are joined by Kori Pennypacker (Exec. Director of Bible2School). Topics discussed include: When the Bible was in the schools. What is Bible2School and National Released Time? How Bible2School works- Testimonies of success. Why learning the Bible is so critical for Freedom.

12/17/18 - A Season of Sanity

December 17, 2018 • Dave Kistler, Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

A Season of Sanity. Topics discussed include: NC Governor vetoes state voter identification bill. Christian Organizations Back LGBT Legislation in Exchange for Religious Liberty Protections. How to maintain sanity while spending this Christmas.

12/14/18 - Money Mission Friday

Understanding the Debt Trap • December 14, 2018 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

Money Mission Friday: Understanding the Debt Trap. We are joined by William Parker (Principal of BRI Investing and CEO of Grandview Asset Management). Topics discussed include: Debt from God’s Perspective. The U.S. Debt Trap - Quantified. When U.S. Debt Explodes. When the Debt Trap Springs.

12/13/18 - Room or No Room?

That is the Question • December 13, 2018 • Dave Kistler, Gary Dull

Room or No Room? That is the Question. We are joined by Bob Burgess (pastor, veteran of law enforcement for 38 years). Topics discussed include: Presence of Nativity Scenes on Public Property. How to deal with threats from atheist, anti-religious groups. How have we reached the point in American where there’s a “War” on Christmas? How do we keep Christ in Christmas and reintroduce Him to our communities?