Will the 2020 Election be Payback for Black Voters?

August 7, 2020 • Sam Rohrer, IQ al Rassooli

In a recent article IQ al Rassooli (Author, Iraqi now living in exile) says the 2020 election should be payback time for black voters. What does he mean by that?

Is Being Salt and Light the Answer?

September 25, 2020 • Gary Dull, James O’ Bryon

If Bible believing, born again believers in Jesus Christ would effectively represent Jesus Christ and be salt and light for Him in the world, would the conditions of our nation improve?

Will American ever return to its Founding Roots?

September 25, 2020 • Gary Dull, James O’ Bryon

Will we ever see America return to its founding roots?

A Swift and Constitutional Ruth Bader Ginsburg Replacement

September 24, 2020 • Sam Rohrer, David New

Is there any reason why Pres. Trump should delay the nomination of a Supreme Court replacement?