Go Public

June 30, 2024
12:00 - 1:30pm

At Amazing Church we believe water baptism is an important biblical part of our Christian discipleship and growth. Water baptism signifies death to an old way of living and the start of a brand new LIFE. It's never too late for a new day and to go public with your faith. Please register using the registration link.



- How old do I have to be to be baptized? We start baptisms at 12 years old, we will baptize younger ages if they are able to articulate the gospel.


- Do I need to bring anything? We will provide you with a t-shirt to be baptized in. We ask that you bring a towel, black or dark colored bottom, and a change of clothes for after. 


- What time will baptisms begin? They will be held directly after our 12PM experience. If you would like to invite your family, tell them join us for our 12PM Sunday Experience.