M.A.D.E Tribe Life

December 8, 2023
7:15 - 9:00pm

Ladies, you are unique among God's creations. You are a work of art. Lovely and resilient at the same time. The perfect balance of softness and strength; you are magnificent in every way. You are seen, created with a sense of awe and excellence! Did we make you blush yet? On December 8th at 7:15pm you’re invited to “MADE You Blush!” A night full of fun, giving and lots of love. Bring makeup and makeup bags that you like, and come dressed in your best shades of blush. We’re so excited and looking forward to seeing you there!!!! #MadeYouBlush #YouAreTheBestPart #AmazingCh_AGreatPlaceToChange #RestoreHopeLovePeopleToLife