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Lectio Divina comes to us from the earliest days of the church, in the third century Origen used the Greek phrase thea anagnosis (divine reading) to describe a way of approaching Scripture for the purpose of finding a personal message from God. This practice became more wide spread when the desert fathers and mothers made the Word of God the basis for their prayer lives, and shortly after this Saint Benedict made the practice of lectio divina central to Western monasticism. From the earliest centuries to the 21st century, lectio divina continues to be a life-giving practice that draws us into an intimacy with God that leads to transformation personally and communally. Inside this journal you will learn why we practice Lectio Divina, how the movements of Lectio Divina work, and how the journal encourages you in prayer, scripture, listening, confession, and community -- all elements of a maturing and active faith. Lectio Groups:: Interesting in hosting or starting a Lectio Journal Group? Please contact Greg Russinger at greg@alongsiderschurch.org Go to website - www.lectiodivinajournal.com to purchase for friends and family.

Five Movements: Integration - Part 3

Greg Russinger • November 17, 2019 • Greg Russinger

Five Movements: Integration - Part 2

Greg Russinger • November 10, 2019 • Greg Russinger

Five Movements: Integration

Greg Russinger • November 3, 2019 • Greg Russinger