abuse recovery

1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual abuse in her life-time. ARMS [abuse recovery ministry services] exists to bring healing, wholeness, and transformation, for those impacted by domestic violence. Each week we host "Her Journey". Her Journey is a series of classes designed to help women walk through their healing from domestic violence and abuse. Classes are free and women may join at any time. While there are a total of 15 lessons, women may attend as long as they find the program helpful. The classes meet weekly. Women will find a safe and supportive environment as they seek healing, understanding, and God’s care for their lives. Those attending will learn to understand the different forms of abuse and God’s heart for them in regards to this issue. Topics like denial, anger, depression, loneliness, and choices, along with many others, will be covered. Our commitment is creating a safe and confidential environment. If you desire to know more, email arms@alongsiderschurch.org and a safe, trained, and trusted team member will respond to you.

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