Welcome Home Church

Paul’s Final Advice

September 26, 2021 • Susie Raybould

Here I Am

September 19, 2021 • Steve Uppal

Neighbourhood to the Nations

September 12, 2021 • Steve Uppal

New Day New Way

September 5, 2021 • Steve Uppal

The Adventure Continues

April 25, 2021 • Steve & Esther Uppal

Pastors Steve and Esther spoke about the season of opportunity ahead to do something new as we move into home church. Often when we are faced with great opportunity, there can be some challenges; through these challenges, the church is encouraged to stand fast in faith, courage and love.

Join the Journey

April 18, 2021 • Steve & Esther Uppal

Ps. Steve and Ps. Esther encouraged us to be followers of Jesus living by faith and not just do the good things of Christianity as a routine. We are called to obey Jesus - to move when He tells us to move and stay where He tells us to stay. We are invited to join the journey of becoming Home Churches.

Scattered Servants

April 11, 2021 • Steve & Esther Uppal

Ps Steve and Esther shared some of what the Lord is saying about the new season: 1. Matt 28:18-20 - a church fit for purpose: making disciples 2. Luke 14:25-7 - radical obedience to King Jesus even when it costs much 3. 2 Cor 5:14-20 - we are ambassadors/scattered servants. Simon and Abi shared their journey of radical obedience, exploring serving in Zambia. Susie and Josh shared their story of praying and sharing Jesus openly in the neighbourhood.