Life and Doctrine

Get established in the truth, grace, and changing power of the gospel.

1. Knowing

Adam Mabry

In this first session of Life and Doctrine we learn how it's possible for us to know anything true about God, and how knowing God personally is the goal of all knowledge.

2. Words

Adam Mabry

The second session of Life and Doctrine is focused on teaching you what the Scriptures are, what they are not, and how to use them.

3. God

Adam Mabry

The third session of Life and Doctrine is about God. That is, what is God like, and what is He not like?

4. Origins

Adam Mabry

In this session we look at the beginning of the human story and discover its importance for knowing God.

5. Redemption

Adam Mabry

This session looks at the work of God across history to discover the story of the gospel.

6. Rescue

Adam Mabry

This session looks to the story of the gospel and asks, "If that's true, how are we saved?"

7. Being

Adam Mabry

In this seventh session of Life and Doctrine, we explore what it means to have become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

8. Church

Adam Mabry

What is the church and why does church matter? In this session, we explore the meaning of the new spiritual family into which disciples find themselves born again.

9. Hope

Adam Mabry

In the final session of Life and Doctrine we focus on the future hope of the Christian — the new heavens and the new earth.