The Secret of Tithing

Sunday Message | The Abundant Life: The Final Law of Abundance

November 17, 2019 • Pastor John Carter

We learn about the principles and the power of the tithe.

The Armor of Love

Sunday Message • July 12, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

It takes faith to walk in love and you cannot have faith at work if you’re not living in the love of God. Faith and love need each other.

The Day of the Lord

Deep Dive | The Last Days • July 8, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

We learn, when the day of the Lord begins, the antichrist, who will be a human man, will be revealed. He will unite all the religions together and oppose anything that will separate itself from him.

Catch This

Sunday Message • July 5, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

When we listen to each other, we develop new skills to hear, and learn to receive understanding to change.