The Secret of Tithing

Deep Dive

November 20, 2019 • Pastor John Carter

Pastor John continues with teaching us about the principles and the power of the tithe.

The Day of the Lord

Deep Dive | The Last Days • July 8, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

We learn, when the day of the Lord begins, the antichrist, who will be a human man, will be revealed. He will unite all the religions together and oppose anything that will separate itself from him.

Catch This

Sunday Message • July 5, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

When we listen to each other, we develop new skills to hear, and learn to receive understanding to change.

The Spirit of Justice

Staff Development • June 29, 2020 • Pastor Michael Phillips

In this Staff Development session, Pastor Michael Phillips expounds upon the Spirit of Justice and how it relates to where we are as a people and culture.