The Secret of Tithing

Deep Dive

November 20, 2019 • Pastor John Carter

Pastor John continues with teaching us about the principles and the power of the tithe.

The Importance of Hope

Deep Dive • September 16, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

We need to make a decision to develop a spiritual life, in order to draw near to God.

I Can't Breathe

Sunday Message • September 13, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

You have more word in you than you know, but you're not producing fruit. What are you listening to or being distracted by that is choking out God's word to produce fruit in your life?

Hope and God's Deliverance

Deep Dive • September 9, 2020 • Pastor John Carter

Hope allows us to keep our heads on straight while everything around us is in chaos. Hope is an expectation to be rescued and delivered from the things that are coming.