The Real In Relationship

Wednesday Message

May 23, 2018 • Brandi Ginty

Brandi teaches us that God designed us for relationships and shares 4 elements for any relationship that brings us closer together as a church family with God

Believing When You Don't Understand

Sunday Messages | Meeting Jesus • November 11, 2018 • Pastor John Carter

Pastor John Teaches us to believe and have faith beyond the normal everyday life in the spiritual world

Faith Food

Sunday Messages | Meeting Jesus • November 4, 2018 • Pastor John Carter

So often we are looking at the benefits of God and not at faith itself. When we come to God in faith, we believe that Jesus will continually feed us spiritually.

Jesus And The Pharisees | Part 1

Sunday Messages | Meeting Jesus • October 14, 2018 • Pastor John Carter

Jesus teaches us to get over the rules of men and to love people by looking at the inside of man.