Recent Messages

Forgive and Be Free

Pastor John shows us how to forgive our offenders and allow God to deal with them.

Love Lets Go

Pastor John teach us how to love all men, even those outside our own barriers.

Radical Love

Love is more than a feeling, it's a choice; a choice that put into practice has the potential to dramatically impact on the way you live, and experience life.

Reforming Your Life

Pastor John teaches on how the word of God that changes our lives.

Upgrading Your Capacity

Pastor Lee shows us the difference between God’s voice, the devils voice and out thoughts when trying to hear from God.

Use It or Lose It

Pastor Lee talks about spiritual gifts that demonstrates Gods love, defines our purpose and decides our choices.

Position and Capacity

Mark talks about being in a position and having the capacity to hear God.

Gifts That Do

Pastor John encourages the believer to use their gifts to serve the body of Christ.

The Voice Inside

Pastor Faith teaches us how God through the Holy Spirit will speak to our spirits.

The Believer's Gifts: Part Two

Pastor John continues his message on the Believer’s functional gifts discussed in Romans 12.

The Believer's Gifts: Part One

Pastor John teaches us that our gifts are not for us but for the body of Christ.

Listen To Your Heart

Pastor John teaches us how to hear God’s voice in our spirit and not with our heads.

The Believer’s Self-Image and Service

Pastor John uses Scripture to illustrate that how we view and think about ourselves as believers is the first and most important step towards discovering our true purpose in life.

Interpreting the Spirit

Pastor John teaches us how to be prepared to receive interpretation from the Holy Spirit.

The New Mind

Pastor John teaches that the Lord expects us to discipline our bodies to fall in line with our spirit.