Recent Messages

Personal Honor and Purpose

In this message we learn, that holiness is aligning your outer self with, your new, inner self. If you are going to change your life, you need to change your thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

Making Relationships Work

In this teaching, we learn that marriage is an ordained and divine institution created by God, where two imperfect people choose to covenant with one another for life.

Honor and Elevation

Pastor John teaches that when we honor God and those in authority over us, we will be lifted up by God.

Developing An Understanding Heart

Breakdown in communication can happen in every facet of life. The thing that we need in order to build deep relationships, and truly connect with one another is understanding. Understanding is a powerful, biblical principle that can help your communication with others more impactful.

The Test of Honor

Pastor John teaches us that our souls, minds, and attitudes must choose to submit to all those who have authority over us.

Your Voice of Victory

Brandi teaches us that our tongue is necessary for speaking, eating, tasting and is totally capable of shaping our life; but it carries the power of life and death and you must learn to control it.

Honor With Words

We are taught to honor the presence of God with our words because words of honor can release greater measures of God’s power in your life.

Our Covenant of Preservation

Mike Curley teaches us that we have a covenant with God and that we have authority and power against our enemies.

Honor From The Heart

Pastor Lee shows us that leading a life of honor comes from the heart, because when you honor God you open yourself up to honor others.

Strategies For Battle

Pastor Lee show us strategies on how to prepare for any battle that we may be facing.

The Believer and Government

Our responsibility as believers is to act honorable towards those who are in authority. Allow your honorable actions towards authority figures to testify of who Christ is in your life.

Honor & Authority

We must recognize and honor God’s authority and the other forms of authority in our lives to enjoy God’s full blessing.

How To Fight Your Battles

The battles that you will face or are facing in life, will require you to stop being complacent, let go of a defeatist mindset, and engage your faith to experience victory.

Taking Ground: Prophetic Insights into 2018

With a prophetic voice, we are proclaiming and believing that 2018 will be the year that you take ground, and experience rapid victory in many areas of your life.