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Parashat Matot-Masei 5778

July 10, 2018 • Moré Julio Rubio (Dudu) • Hablemos de Torá - דברי תורה

Join Julio "Dudu" Rubio, from Yeshivat Shuvu Spanish and Kehilat Yovel in Bogota, in this study on Parashat Matot-Masei

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Special announcement from Rabbi Shapira with the opening of Virtual Synagogue

March 20, 2020 • Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

Join us every Shabbat at 9:00 AM CST every shabbat for a traditional Shabbat service: To livestream: Facebook: https://facebook.com/AhavatAmmi/videos/1444587322387336 Website: www.ahavatammi.org To support: www.fundly.com/ahavatammiministries Questions? Comments? info@ahavatammi.org

Urgent Video from Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

March 18, 2020 • Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

Urgent message from Rabbi Itzhak Shapira about Thursday, March 19th . Go and register at: https://events.shuvu.tv/13-middot/

The Corona Virus, Isaiah 53, and Your Great Opportunity Hidden for the Last days!

February 28, 2020 • Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

Join Rabbi Itzhak Shapira for a prophetic End-Times lesson from Parashat Terumah. To support this project go to: https://fundly.com/operation-italian . Visit us at www.ahavatammi.org and www.shuvu.tv