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"A Deep-Dive into the Word" with Pastor Terry Reynolds

2 Chronicles 6

October 1, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

How many times have you said you’d do something but then didn’t do it? Even when you have the best intentions, sometimes you don’t make good on your promises. But that’s not how God works. When He says He’ll do something, you can count on it happening. It might not be in the timeframe or the way you expect, but it will come to pass. Today, Pastor Terry invites you to see how God proved His faithfulness when the temple was built. Like King Solomon and the Israelites, you can trust in God’s promises.

2 Chronicles 1-2 Part 4

September 24, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

God has placed a calling on the lives of every person in this world. It may not be the calling of a pastor or church worker, and some may not even accept that calling. However, your calling is unique to you and requires faith that only you can grow. In 2 Chronicles, Solomon knew his calling came only through staying connected to the almighty God. In today's teaching, Pastor Terry continues his study into the initial records of the noble life of Solomon and how we can adopt these principles into our daily lives.

2 Chronicles 1-2 Part 3

September 17, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

Unlike the story of Aladdin's genie, God does not appear out of a rusty lamp and eagerly waits for us to initiate our three wishes. If that were the case, would we still lean upon an omnipotent God after satisfying those numerous carnal requests? Instead, God is wanting us to consistently seek a daily relationship with Him. Today, Pastor Terry introduces us to a man in 2 Chronicles that seeks the heart of God and gains the wisdom to lead a kingdom.

2 Chronicles 1-2 Part 2

September 10, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

Some of the best ideas in life come from just waiting on the Lord. In scripture, God said he would hear our prayers and give us that insight into some of life's biggest challenges we face. It's exactly what he did for Solomon, one of the wisest men in the Bible, as he begins his work on the temple. In today's study, Pastor Terry continues in 2 Chronicles as Solomon begins his construction and what would be one of the biggest undertakings in the Old Testament, and ultimately in God's bigger plan for redemption.

2 Chronicles 1-2 Part 1

September 3, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

How close is your relationship with God? Would you say it is intertwined with God's heart and desire for your life? Committing our lives in service to God is a modern-day consecration unto Him. We are making a commitment to keep our days and weeks dedicated to His will. Consecration to God is declaring something to be sacred as an offering to Him. In today's teaching, Pastor Terry begins his study into Solomon's consecration and the plans set in motion for Solomon's Temple.

1 Chronicles 29 Part 2

August 27, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

God isn’t surprised by our wicked acts or our good deeds. He knows our hearts and our thoughts and plans before we do. As Jesus illustrated through the example of the poor widow giving her small offering and the rich man giving a small fortune, the rich man had an excess and gave a relatively small portion - mostly for the show - while the poor widow gave everything she had with joy and gratitude. As Pastor Terry will point out, her gift reflected a heart that was rich in faith and close to God.

1 Chronicles 29 Part 1

August 20, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

Every good thing we have is from God. He created this world and everything in it. Every breath you take is a gift from Him. Every minute, every meal, every relationship – all of this is from Him. All too often we try to give God as little as we can, clinging to our time, energy, and resources. As Pastor Terry will explain in today’s message, our approach should be to give back as much as we can to God – not out of obligation, but out of gratitude for His redeeming grace and the love He demonstrated in Christ.

1 Chronicles 28

August 13, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

God wants your best. He doesn’t want the leftovers of your energy, time, or resources. When the Bible talks about bringing your “first fruits” to God that’s what it means. So often in our world, it’s exactly the opposite. We put ourselves first. The first question we ask when we get a paycheck or have a day off is “what do I want to do with this?” As Pastor Terry will challenge us in today’s message, you should bring those things before God and ask what He wants to do with them.

1 Chronicles 23-27 Part 2

August 6, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

There are some gifts that put people in the spotlight, and there are some that keep people behind the scenes. While some are totally okay with that, we get jealous of other people’s gifts at times. We wish we could sing or preach or lead in some capacity. As Pastor Terry will remind us in today’s message, God gifts us and places us where He wants. When you try to step outside of that, seeking glory or praise for yourself, you may get what you want, but you’ll miss your God-given purpose.

1 Chronicles 23-27 Part 1

July 30, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

We have lots of stuff in this world. God blessed us with an amazing gift of creativity and a desire to make things. Sadly, like with so many good things that God gives, we easily turn these blessings into idols that come between us and God. Ultimately, the stuff we have doesn’t matter that much. It won’t last that long. That new device, outfit, car, house, or whatever it may be, will be outdated and old before you know it. Today, Pastor Terry will encourage us to focus our energy on serving God, not stuff.

1 Chronicles 19

July 23, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses didn’t feel like the right man for the job. He told God that He wasn’t a good speaker – kind of an essential for a leader, right? According to human reason, yes, but God loves to use seemingly hopeless situations or incapable people to accomplish His will. It draws our attention to Him. As Pastor Terry will explain in today’s message, the only thing you need to be used greatly by God is a humble, willing heart.

1 Chronicles 18-19

July 16, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

Many of us have a preconceived notion that in order to be a Christian we have to follow rules and be perfect all time. Society tells us that being Christian is about being a good person and doing good things. Today, Pastor Terry wants you to know that all God requires of us as believers are to simply follow Him and do our best. All we are asked of is to have faith and try our best to live for Christ. Don’t be discouraged and give up when you live the way you don’t want to live. Instead, simply give God your best.

1 Chronicles 18

July 9, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

Many of us take kindness for granted. Whether it’s being kind to someone we don’t like or being able to show kindness in a tough situation, it often gets lost by the wayside. Today, Pastor Terry wants you to know that as Christians we need to be kind to those around us. Instead of falling prey to reactions that are unkind, we need to follow Jesus and let Him show us true kindness. Stop being kind only when you want to be kind, and let Jesus work through you to become a beacon of kindness to those around you.

1 Chronicles 17 Part 2 - God's Covenant

July 2, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

We love receiving recognition for achievements in our lives. Whether it’s for being a “good Christian” or a good person, we like to be praised and start to lose sight of our humbleness. In today’s message, Pastor Terry explains that just like David, we need to humble ourselves before the Lord and lose our pride. If we truly want to improve our character and be as strong of a Godly leader as David was, we need to put all of our faithfulness in Him, even when we are at our weakest.

1 Chronicles 17 Part 1 - God's Covenant

June 25, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds

We all have people in our lives that we know we can rely on, but even still, those people don’t always deliver. Today, Pastor Terry wants you to know that God will never fail you and is always by your side if you simply put your trust in him. Even when you’re at the weakest and losing sight of your faithfulness, He will never abandon you. Find restoration, peace, and someone you can always rely on by following God to a life full of promises kept and blessings received.