Days of Creation: Part 2

Answers For Today (S.8 E.5)

Pastor Chris Quintana, Pastor Terry Reynolds • Genesis 3

Terry and Chris dive into Genesis 3 and the topic of creation in "Days of Creation: Part 2." Pastors Terry Reynolds and Chris Quintana discuss biblical answers for today's questions in Season 8 of the "Answers For Today" show. Send us your questions for the show! Email aft@agapechapeloc.org or tag @AnswersForToday in a tweet. Learn more about: AFT- https://www.agapechapeloc.org/aft Pastor Terry Reynolds & Agape Chapel OC- https://www.agapechapeloc.org/ Pastor Chris Quintana & Old Path Ministries- https://oldpaththeology.net/

The Making of a Godly Leader

June 15, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds, Pastor Chris Quintana, Pastor Bill Wynne • 2 Chronicles

Terry Reynolds, Chris Quintana, and Pastor Bill Wynne teaches from 2 Chronicles with a message entitled, “The Making of a Godly Leader" To find out more about Agape Chapel OC go to www.agapechapeloc.org/.

The Unveiling of the book of Revelation

June 8, 2022 • Pastor Terry Reynolds • Revelation 1

Pastor Terry Reynolds and Pastor Chris Quintana teaches from chapter one of the book of Revelation with a message entitled, “The Unveiling"

Lessons from Jude

May 28, 2022 • Pastor Chris Quintana, Pastor Terry Reynolds

On Answers for Today Chris and Terry look to the Bible to give you answers to lives questions.