Not Safe For Church


September 24, 2017 • Don Record

This week we're discussing a difficult topic for everyone: INEQUALITY. And...Not just the inequality in our world...but even the inequality brought on by the beliefs of Christians! The topic may be NSFC...but it will be both helpful and thought provoking for everyone.

W**d & Alcohol

September 17, 2017 • Dave Kerrison

This week we're discussing another controversial issue for Christians: Should Christians drink alcohol, smoke pot, or use drugs (whether legal or illegal)?


September 10, 2017 • Don Record

Is it possible to uphold the principles of the Bible, and NOT make the word "Christian" a dirty word to those who know you? The answer may be "Not Safe for Church" but it's great news for hypocrites, haters, and all of us blocking their arguments on social media.


September 3, 2017 • Don Record

What happens when an ancient faith meets ever-changing culture, public morality, and even laws? Can the result be ANYTHING other than anger, arguments, and snarky comments? This month in the "NOT SAFE FOR CHURCH" series we'll tackle the toughest issues faced by Christian's today...and spoiler alert...we'll stay calm, loving, and even slightly goofy in the process