Choose Your Own Adventure

Pastor Matt

January 26, 2020 • Matthew Castillo

It’s 2020. The future is here. Robots live among us...entertain our pets and vacuum our floors! Don’t worry though, even though it’s the future, there is one more week of the Choose Your Own Adventure sermon http://series...and we’ve saved the best for last! Don’t miss Pastor Matthew Castillo along with a special joint service (and house band) with our friends at Believers In Christ Church.

You Are Born Blind

January 19, 2020 • Don Record

Maybe boredom or lack of other reading choices would compel you to read CYOA #100 ??!🤔😳😂 No matter how questionable your choices were as a kid, NONE of us would knowingly choose to suffer! None of us would CHOOSE loss, or illness, or tragedy in our life story. So why do so many of us deal with suffering every day? If you’d like hope for your situation from Jesus, and an opportunity to be prayed for by http://others...please DO NOT miss this very special Sunday at actionchurch!

Choose Carefully… You Cannot Go Back

January 12, 2020 • Don Record

What stops us from making correct http://choices...the kind that lead to success and not disaster? (It’s probably NOT what you think!) This week we’ll find out from the wisdom of Jesus, Moses, R.A Montgomery (creator of Choose your own adventure series) and Harvey Levin of TMZ!?

Saran Ball

January 5, 2020 • Don Record

It’s a new year. A new decade. Time to choose your own adventure! (And time to take down the Christmas decorations at actionchurch) There is more than one ending to your life story!!! (And not only do you get to choose your own http://adventure...there’s something you can do to ASSURE that you will succeed!)